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Edward is Love

'Nuff said

Edward is love!
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Welcome to Edward is love!

A community for all the fangirls who love Edward from the anime, FMA. <3 Where we can all meet and chatter, just not rip each others throtes out by who loves Ed more. D: We don't want any of that.

Rules (Might as well add them xD)

1. Please no bad-talking Ed, I won't get mad at you, but everyone else will I'm sure, and I'll just wait and see what they say, to get a cheap laugh, and then delete your post. :)

2. If you have any type of image (Picture, icon, colorbar, etc.) Please put it in a LJ cut, I just like to keep this place neat. That rule also applies to long posts, or stories (Fanfics) that you might just wanna post. ^^

3. Please don't ULTRA SWEAR. Its not welcomed in our fan girl heaven D: Some things like 'damn' and 'crap' are okay. >>;

4. No asking/begging/bribing/threatning to be a mod or anything like that. You only have ONE CHANCE.

5. Please keep chatspeak to a light level...no 'ongzzzz i heurt eidwurd!11 lozlzlzl s0 wuz ervy1 doien' x___x

6. Respect the mods! They worked hard to make all you fangirls a hangout ;D

7. Love Edward <3

Mm.. thats all I can think of for now.. Maybe more will be added. xD

This community was made by two cool chickies with a plan..

Nannabanana Sexkitteh
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